Tan Dinh Church – Saigon Archdiocese – Vietnam

Tan Dinh Church – Saigon Archdiocese – Vietnam


Situated on the side of a bustling street, the Tan Dinh church looks very beautiful. Every late afternoon, when the bells of the church rattle, the white clouds clustered back, the church bell tower stand out in the sky as a pink feature, sophisticated and poetic.

Tan Dinh Church – Saigon Archdiocese – Vietnam

1. Location

Tan Dinh parish was formed in 1861, is one of the first parishes of West Dang Trong diocese. Tan Dinh church is located in a densely populated area, and is the hub of transportation, which is conducive to business, so the material life of the lay people here is relatively comfortable. Tan Dinh parish has a large area to build spacious facilities for religious activities.

Address: 289 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. It is approximately 5.4 km south-east of Tan Son Nhat Airport, 20 minutes by car.

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2. The process of building of Tan Dinh church

Tan Dinh church was one of the early religious buildings built in Saigon, started in 1870 and inaugurated on December 16, 1876. This work has always been repaired, expanded in several different phases, but did not erase the original architecture. In 1896, the church was joined by two bases and built walls around.

Since 1926, Tan Dinh church has been expanded. At the same time, the bell tower was built beside Hai Ba Trung Street, 52.6m high. On January 6, 1929, the church received three Italian marble altars worth 50,000 francs donated by a family. In 1949, the frame was revised, changing the rafter and iron handles. In 1957, the church yard was covered with .

Tan Dinh parish was formed in 1861

In December 1976, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the construction, Tan Dinh church was repainted, removing iron fences. At the same time, the floor of sanctuary was higher, rinsing with green stones to match the columns around. Another work done at this time was the repair and repaint of the bell tower, the ceiling. With distinctive pink, the towering bell tower of Tan Dinh church is always prominent on the blue sky is very beautiful. In July 1999 and September 2000, the church continued to be painted both inside and outside.

3. Discover the architecture of Tan Dinh church

Tan Dinh church is one of the most beautiful architecture in the Ho Chi Minh city. Architectural style is in Gothic style combines Roman, Baroque elements in the decor. Pink paint and white decorative patterns make the entire project stand out on the blue sky, creating a splendid and fresh look.

From the front, visitors can see the main tower and two auxiliary towers. At the top of the tower is the octagonal spire with a 3 meter copper cross. In the tower there are 5 bell, total weight of 5.5 tons. The two side of the tower has the lamp tower, many ventilation holes and patterns create a solid, very charming. Two corridors with dome, roofed with Vietnamese (shape of fish scale) tile, rounded doors with decorative flowers, the statues of angels is exquisitely decorated.

Inside the church is quite spacious with two row of Gothic columns

Inside the church is quite spacious with two row of Gothic columns, leading to the main altar. Along with the facade, these two row of columns are considered the most beautiful features in the whole architecture. The left column is the statue of the women saints, the right is the statue of the men saints. The altars in the church are made of precious stones taken from Italy.

Tan Dinh church is beautiful because it is a valuable architectural work, and in list of historical, cultural and tourist place of the city and the place of worship of the parishioners, the place of charity are organized with the love God and love people.










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