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First of all, CPN – Catholic Pilgrimage Network Organization would like to deeply express our gratitude for your kind interest and support over the past time. Many thanks also go to partners, tourist guides who are always accompany with us in discovering and studying Indochina cultures.
In the spirit of encouraged, supported by dear Priests, we have set up a group of Catholic tourist guides nationwide with the high interest in researching, linking Catholics historical relics since it first appeared in Vietnam via missionaries and its up and down milestones. That is the reason why the Catholic Pilgrimage Network comes into being, a tourism network for Catholics in researching and linking the holy sites in Vietnam.
The first Catholic missionaries visited Vietnam from Portugal in 1533; The Vietnam Catholic took shape and developed in ups and downs, and displacements. Originally, It is really a strange Religion with people of Vietnam. Until now, The Catholic became one of five religions in Vietnam, including 26 Dioceses, 7 millions Christians. Through on meaningful and diversify activities, The Catholic has been effects on Culture and Sociality of Vietnam.
Pilgrimage to Vietnam Catholic Church – Which has been remained stories, shires and relics of Missioners in original period. Especially, Vietnam Catholic Church with 117 Martyrdom Saints is a proud of Vietnam Christians in particular and of Worldwide Catholic Church in general. Moreover, La Vang, which Our of Lady appeared in 1798, is one of strong and eloquent evidences of Vietnam Christian’s Belief in Mary Lovely Mother at difficult and chaos period. The faith, which looks as stone and as iron, experienced through challenges and difficulties, has being developed and flourished in the Nation. Pilgrimage to Vietnam Catholic Church – We will follow the ways of predecessors, come with Catholic relics and Pilgrimage Centers, and discover strong belief of Vietnam Christians
Vietnam Catholic Church was known with Pilgrimage Centers and famous Catholic relics located from North to South site of the Nation:
Hue Archdioceses with Pilgrimage Centers such as: La Vang Our of Lady , Tra Kieu Our of Lady, and Mang Den Our of Lady Center attracted many hundreds of thousands every year. Besides, Sao Bien Our of Lady Temple – Da Nang Diocese, Thien An Monastery – Hue Diocese, Grave of missioners – Hoi An, Anre Saint Temple – Phu Yen are meaningful attractions, which you should not skip as pilgrimaging in Central of Vietnam.
Ha Noi Archdioceses is famous for Pilgrimage Centers such as So Kien, Trai Gao, Bang So, also,Phat Diem Stone Cathedral – Ninh Binh Province. These Centers are attractive attractions of national visitors and foreigner tourists
Sai Gon Archdioceses is well-known with many pilgrimage centers, which attracted pillarists in nation and coming from adverse foreign. For example, Ta Pao Our of Lady, Bai Dau Our of Lady, Binh Trieu -Fatima Mary Mother, and Grave of Buu Diep Priest are the most famous pilgrimages
Catholic Pilgrimage Network (CPN) is the earliest, sole and professional Pilgrimage Organization in Vietnam.
The Organization was established in 2000, based on wished of many people in local Parishes. It experienced for 14 years, with slogan “Find and connect Holy land”, CPN wishes become a wonderful choice for Pilgrims. Especially, vast associates, who are working in our office, are Christians. Therefore, we hold a strong belief that we understand your needs, wishes, and heart than anyone can not.
Catholic Pilgrimage Network – we are specialist in organizing catholic pilgrimage tours in Viet Nam. Our tour programs are organized suitably for individuals or small, large group. Also CPN is pleasure to design itinerary according to your optional requests.
Our mission
• Bringing about spiritual renewal and the progress of people
• Enable visitors and pilgrims to visit any place both popular and remote places as well
• Providing opportunities for affordable travel
• Giving assistance in planning, arranging pilgrimage tour.

CPN gave great ideas to combine between pilgrimage and social charity activities such as visiting orphanages, handicapped children centers and so on.

– La Vang Our of Lady Pilgrimage Tour: Departure every days (applied to share group or private group): Within a day, 2 days and 1 night (2D1N). 3D2N, 4D3N, 5D4N, Or La Vang tour at Assumption on 15th, August; at Christmas; at Lunar New Year every years, or sign programs according to optional request
– Mang Den Our of Lady Pilgrimage Tour: Departure every days or according to optional request: 2D1N, 3D2N, 4D3N
– Transfer around Vietnam Pilgrimage Tour: visit La Vang Our of Lady with the Cathedral, Ta Pao Our of Lady, Mang Den Our of Lady, Tra Kieu Our of Lady, Sao Bien Our of Lady, Bai Dau Our of Lady, Buu Diep Priest’s Grave.

– CPN commitments that we will supply best services for you with stable designed tour or optional designed one: hotel standard from 2 stars to 5 stars, tourism standard vehicle, tour guide is Christian and professional
– Designoptional pilgrimage tour: CPN will make proper itinerary, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, tour guide, team building activities according to your requests
– Consult and give you more information related to pilgrimage center
– Supply rent car for pick up and drop off from HUI, DAD airport to La Vang, or pick up and see off from Pleiku Airport to Mang Den

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