Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church or Redemptorist Church – Hue, Vietnam



1. Location

Redemptorist Church (some people call Notre Dame Cathedral) is located on Nguyen Hue Street, Hue City, a triangular land of two Nguyen Hue and Nguyen Khuyet intersection. The church looks toward East, looks out Nguyen Hue street to the intersection of An Cuu market. In front of the front door there is a statue of Jesus Christ showing two hands pointing to the Earth as if to bless all Mankind. Redemptorist Church near Phu Cam Cathedral, about 1km.

2. History of Redemptorist Church

At the beginning of the parish there was a Chapel for prayer with two row of willows, with the wind blowing. Later, the chapel became small because more people came to attend Mass. In 1954, the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was established, demanding a new place for the religious and lay in the new parish. Since then, the demand for a larger and more exalted church has been established.

A few years later, the church dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help was started in March 1959 and inaugurated (anointing and dedication) on August 12, 1962, ceremony lasted 3 days 11 and 12 August 13, 1962 under the direction of Archbishop Martin Ngo Dinh Thuc. Redemptorist Church was built according to the project of architect Nguyen My Loc. Construction supervision by the monk Bui Van Khac, Redemptorists, in cooperation with 150 workers.

3. Architecture   

This church is very large and has a unique architecture, both modern and ancient architecture with mixed Europe and Asia and Vietnam. This is usually chosen by young people to take pictures of the wedding. On the occasion of Christmas, the parish is beautifully decorated and the lights are shimmering.

Premises of church architecture in the shape of the cross following the standards of the classic European churches, but overall, these lines, affecting style from oriental architecture is shown clearly. Especially, the octagonal bell tower with distinctive style typical of the temple tower of Vietnam is very clear.

The church façade emerges as a delicate and warm color. To see this beauty, look out from inside the church. On the beautiful morning, when the sun is up, the light shining through the colored glass made a brilliant, but not too harsh, the shimmering color shimmers as just dipped in water. Around the array of colors is a rosary, scattered, as reminded of all the parishioners of the Mother of Perpetual Help of the Rosary. Every visiting with the Lord has its special sacred atmosphere thanks to the part of the glass.

The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help reaps a special religious image. The church has a depth that seems to entice people to go inside and into the heart of the church. Inside the church is 38 meters wide, 72 meters long, showing the ingenuity of the designer. The high church arch with coordinated columns and wide arches with Gothic look. Without columns, except bars in the roof, all reinforced concrete or blue stone. Inside the church is always filled with light by the colour glass window system.

Near and bordering the Sanctuary, the pillars curved upward, soft and bunched together, suggesting the viewer looks like hands clenching in prayer. The marble main altar at Ngu Hanh Son (Da Nang), a plate of a single slab (3.6m x 1.2m x 0.2m).

Behind the sanctuary is a brilliant colour glass system. In the afternoon, when the sun shines on the west, the glass show a bright color, the summer is dazzling, but the winter is warm. The statue of the Cross with the image of the Lord hangs on it, in a bright spot that makes one look at the scene of Good Friday afternoon, the afternoon of which the Son of God was crucified.

Outside the church: The octagonal tower has three floors and one top, all of it ironed by Eiffel. In the tower there are four bell (weighs 1.5 tons) for electric controled by automatic system. The two sides of the church has two porches width of 4 meters to make the procession in bad weather

In general, the churches in Hue have brought to this place a sacred and quiet Hue.



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